UByDesign - the idea in brief:
This is an online marketplace place where private individuals as well business entities worldwide can buy and sell valuable and beautiful, new and used clothes, cosmetics and accessories for women, men and kids.

The idea in details:

1. We are not a reseller but a marketplace - we don't get a fee on any deal and we don't mind our members exchanging any contact data - we even encourage them to do so and find new friends with common passion and sense of style all over the world!

2. Did we mention that we do not collect any fees - either for uploading or for selling/buying an item.

3. We approve each item being uploaded to guarantee that anything that you'll find at this site is of high quality and style. However we can only judge the items by their looks so we cannot guarantee their authenticity because they don't reside with us.

4. We are international - a version of the site in some of the most popular world languages is on the way. And though we cannot demand that all our members sell all their items worldwide we strongly recommend them to do so. We believe that beauty and style have no borders.

5. We place special emphasis on the technical perfection and easy usage of the website. Backed by a high-tech company we have the privilege to work with world-class programmers who take care that every feature of this online marketplace works flawlessly.

6. We provide excellent support to our members for all questions that might arise when they use the website. If you are in doubt about an item you are welcomed to contact us - our team of fashionistas will gladly give you an opinion, offer advice or provide any other style tip.