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Summer is the season for hats and quality hats have a high price tag. So how do you take care of your hats to make them last longer, stay cleaner and look newer?

1. Wipe/ brush them regularly

Even if your hat doesn't look dirty it helps to wipe it regularly. This will clear the dust, which otherwise tends to stick to the texture and with time gives the hat a worn look.

2. Wash by hand with a brush and mild soap

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Ever since Princess Diana brought the choker into light, it has caught the public attention as a symbol of elegance, sophisticated style and aristocracy. Nice to welcome it back on the fashion catwalk.

Royals apart, how can a contemporary fashion princess fit the choker trend into her everyday school/home/work life? Here are some ideas:

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Statement earrings are fashionable this summer - you can have a look at the latest designer creations published in Elle magazine here:

Statement earrings, as their name suggests, make a statement that's why we offer some tips on how to combine them with the rest of your clothing for a perfect vision.

I. Bare shoulders.

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It’s certain – jeans are the most widely worn piece of clothing nowadays. Definitely you’ll have a favourite pair of blue (or other colour) jeans. You love them so much that you want to wear them forever. But do you know how to care for them?

Don’t wash them (often).

Jeans don’t like washing, in fact any piece of clothing would worn out faster when washed more frequently. Try to wash your jeans as little as possible.

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A guide on how to maximise the successful purchases and minimise the bad luck.

Online clothes shopping could be a risky business from a regular store, let alone from a thrift virtual store. Or so the saying goes. Yes and no. There's nothing that different buying between buying new and used clothes online. The difference between buying used clothes online and offline even tilts in favour of online shopping. Here is why:

I. Joy: Choice is great in an average thrift shop than in the average department store.

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Happy Holiday Dear Ladies!

Be Gracious, Radiant and Happy!

Always remember that the best thing you can wear is a smile and that real beauty comes from within!

Be proud of who you are and stay unique…

Lots of hugs and kisses,