The Choker Has Made a Comeback

By admin, 05/13/2016 - 16:31

Ever since Princess Diana brought the choker into light, it has caught the public attention as a symbol of elegance, sophisticated style and aristocracy. Nice to welcome it back on the fashion catwalk.

Royals apart, how can a contemporary fashion princess fit the choker trend into her everyday school/home/work life? Here are some ideas:

1. Choose a bow.
You can make a bow from a satin or other suitable material and just tie it high on your neck - you can wear that with all type of day-wear, including a t-shirt.

A beautiful ribbon made from a suitable material is both easy and chic.

2. Pearls
The pearl choker is more fussy to wear but if it's not the typical wedding jewellery you can still manage to include it into a daily outfit without witnessing raised eyebrows around you. Here a colour matching can do you plenty of good - dark colours will emphasize the pearls while neutral, skinny tones will blend with them and look more casual.

Jumbo pearl choker worn with a shirt
Pearl strings offer plenty of room for creativity
A pearl choker speaks of dignity and grandeur

3. Combine them with another necklace.
A choker must not necessarily be worn on its own. It goes quite well with a traditional necklace. Another idea is to use a long necklace and wrap it a few times tightly around your neck leaving the rest hang on your chest.

Chokers should not necessarily be worn alone
4. Lace
Lace and skin are made to go together. No wonder Kate Middleton chose lace for her wedding day. And while lace is still the preferred choice for evening dresses and the one, which you'll wear to say "I do", it surely deserve to decorate your neck as well. A thin lace choker, preferably in black, would complement any outfit and any colour. For an evening sparkle you can add a broche or one of your shiny clipped earrings.

Lace loves the skin
A broche can transform a choker

We hope you've gathered inspiration on some new ways to wear a choker. Stay fashionable and never let go the best thing that makes a woman beautiful - the smile!



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