Fashion Trends: Statement Earrings

By admin, 05/06/2016 - 14:43

Statement earrings are fashionable this summer - you can have a look at the latest designer creations published in Elle magazine here:

Statement earrings, as their name suggests, make a statement that's why we offer some tips on how to combine them with the rest of your clothing for a perfect vision.

I. Bare shoulders.

Statement earrings go great with the current trend of off the shoulder tops. In fact they go great with bare skin - so wear them with bathing suits, thin straps, off the shoulder gowns and all other clothes that reveal your perfect top line.

Off the shoulder top and statement earrings

II. Single color clothes.

If you wear them in colder days make sure your top layer of clothing does not expose too much details, ornaments or colours. If it does, it has to match perfectly the color and style of the statement earrings.

White dress and statement earrings White dress and statement earrings

III. Hairstyle

Statement earrings go great with any hair style, here the rule is simple: the less of the hair is visible,the more the earrings grab the attention. So, if you wear loose, long waves, your earrings will be less visible. If you tie your hair or have short hair the attention falls on the earrings.

Short hair emphasizes the statement earrings Short hair emphasizes the statement earrings

As always, we finish with a selection of the statement earrings we have at UByDesign:

Long Metal Strings Earrings

Black Stones Earrings

Silver Plated Earrings

The UByDesign team hopes we've been useful. Thank you for reading!