Late Check-in

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Guests arriving at Botev Apartment after 7 PM are usually requested to self check-in.

You have to pick up the keys from a postbox of an office located in a building at “Sv. Sv. Kiril i Metodij” str. 118. Location on Google maps:

The post boxes are in the tunnel, thus are accessible from the street:

You need post box 15, it has a table “MindFusion”. You will be provided with a 3-digit key. Dial the key numbers and turn the lock. Pick the keys, close the post box cover and mix the numbers to lock it:

Walk some 150 meters more to the building with Botev Apartment. The route is 3 right turns, the apartment building is at the street behind the office building. The location on Google maps:

Once there, point the chip to the red sensor at the bottom of the table with door bells:

It beeps and opens the door. If you wish or if the door is locked, you can open it with the smaller of the two keys:

Once inside the building, use the lamp switch to your left to light the entrance. Climb four stairs and you will see a white metal door: apartment 9A. This is Botev Apartment.

You open with the bigger key.

Note: The curly edge of the key must point to the ceiling when you insert it!

When you leave the apartment on the final day of your stay, just drop the keys in post box 9A:

January 4, 2023