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About UByDesign

What's this app?

What Is This App For?

UByDesign enables you to create a digital version of your physical wardrobe and much more. The app offers AI-powered stylist that offers you various outfits of your clothes. The different sort and filter options allow you to see only part of your clothes, ordered as needed. Each item and outfit can be recorded with various images and useful data, which lets you make the most of your current wardrobe and aids you by new purchases. The app is available for both iPhone and Android phones.


amazing outfits


Items represent a digital version of your real items as closely as possible. They can have multiple images and colors, custom categories and styles, keep track about price and wear.


Design outfits fast and easy with drag and drop of items from your chosen list. Adjust the size and position of items, add outfit details like dates worn, style, season, tags.


Create your custom item categories and styles, add brands, enter tags. Sort and filter your items and your outfits in a way that makes most sense to you.

Apparel Statistics

Environmental Impact

Clothes we own but rarely or never wear
Clothes we own but rarely or never wear
Our clothes are thrown in less than 3 years
Our clothes are thrown in less than 3 years
Less we wear an item compared to 2002
Less we wear an item compared to 2002
Clothing is recycled into new clothes
Clothing is recycled into new clothes
Clothing sold ends up in landfills
Clothing sold ends up in landfills
Global water pollution comes from fashion
Global water pollution comes from fashion

Ready for your digital closet? Download the app now!

UByDesign mobile app is free and is available on Apple App Store and Google Play

AI Stylist

Dress better

Outfits with 1, 2, 3 or 4 pieces

The AI stylist changes randomly the outfit type and tries to offer you various clothing combinations that mix different types of clothing.

Outfits By Item

The AI stylist can be called to generate outfits that always include a given clothing item. You can be presented with amazing outfit ideas, you never thought of.

Color matching

A set of 50+ predefined color schemes as well as the principles of the color matching theory are implemented to guarantee eye-pleasing tone combinations.


For each assembled outfit, the AI tries to add matching accessories: scarf, belt, bag, sunglasses, jewellery. The jewellery is chosen based on its metal type and stone color.

The AI Stylist helps you get more of your wardrobe

The AI-powered virtual stylist suggests various outfit combinations from the clothes you already own. It applies the universal principles of colour matching and clothes combining to offer you new and versatile ways of styling your pieces.


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Why use the app?

Save Time

Save a copy of all your carefully assembled outfits for re-wear and reference. See how clothes go together without physically combining them. Check your current closet on the moment when you shop for new items. Quickly sort and filter your closet according to your needs and wants.

Dress Better

Use the AI stylist to get outfit suggestions you’d never come with. Assemble outfits on the go, when you have time or when you see someone inspiring on the street. Browse all your items rather than those in sight.

Be Eco-Friendly

The impact of fast fashion on the environment is grim: tons of clothes sent to landfills, water pollution from washing, dying and fabric production, carbon emissions during apparel manufacturing… We have every reason to wear our items more, to wear them again.

Have Fun

Making a digital copy of your wardrobe is a rewarding and amusing activity. Be a fashion photographer and take pictures of your items. Be a VIP person and get dressed by a stylist. Be the connoisseur of your own closet, enjoy what you own and take pleasure in wearing it!

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