AI Stylist

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The AI stylist is an outfit-building algorithm that aims to mimic the way a human being would approach the process of assembling an outfit. The algorithm is taught the basis of combining clothes: bottoms with tops, shoes and accessories. It is given a database with predefined color sets as well as the principles of harmonious color combining. It analyses the items in your wardrobe and tries to create the best possible outfits from what you have, using its knowledge about style, clothing rules and imagination.

Outfits with Various Item Count

The AI stylist tries to create outfits with random item count from 1 to 4 in order to provide you with more choice. Even outfits with the same count of items combine different clothing types: a 2-piece outfit can be built from a dress and a blazer or shorts and a top.

Color Matching Principles

The algorithm is taught a set of more than 50 popular color combinations for clothes. In addition to that, it knows the principles of harmonious color combining: analogous, monochromatic and complementary colors. For each outfit it tries to apply a different way of choosing the matching colors in order to provide variety.

Unlimited Outfit Suggestions

There is no limit on the number of generated outfits, as long as the AI stylist manages to come with a different one. The generated outfits for each session are stored and the algorithm knows what has been suggested so far. When the options for item combining following a colour rule run out, the algorithm starts to combine items randomly. The final goal is to offer you a new set of 10 outfits as long as you want.


An accessory can make or break an outfit. When used right, it adds sophistication and style to your look. that is why the AI stylist always tries to add a matching accessory: a belt, earrings, a bracelet, a watch. When doing so it chooses the metal type, the colours of the scarf or the colour of the precious stones, according to the color of the chosen clothes.

Outfits By Item

Do you feel like wearing a given item? Time for the purple top? The yellow dress with the white details? [Sigh.] “They are so hard to style. I have nothing to wear them with.” Not anymore. The AI Stylist is capable of generating various outfits by a given piece of clothing. Run the suggestions and you will be astonished to learn how many stylish, beautiful outfits can be made from an item with everything you already own.