The 5 Items That Define You

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We all know about the 3 words that describe our style. We want to suggest you something different though – instead of 3 words, that are more or less abstract, can you think of the 5 items that truly and deeply speak to you? Those items that you feel absolutely express yourself and always convey the right message who you are.

Below I share the 5 items that identify me. When you make the list and look it as a whole, you will be probably surprised to learn the style profile it reveals of you. Let’s start:

A biker jacket in black leather

1. A Black Leather Biker Jacket

Ever sine I got my first biker jacket, which I still keep and wear, I’ve had a crush on biker jackets. Besides the classic one in black leather, I also have one in nabuk leather and one in beige. I truly think this piece is timeless and can be worn by ladies of all ages – even gray-haired.

2. A Pair of Blue Jeans

I had roughly a decade in my life, when I mostly wore trousers. Apart from them I’ve always worn jeans and these are the trousers I wear 70% of the time. I leave the jeans on the hanger only in summer, when I go for maxi skirts, shorts, dresses or cargo pants. Any other day I wear jeans. If I have to choose a single pair, it will be in mid-blue and with classic, straight leg – neither tight-fit nor loose or boyfriend, mommy;s etc.

A pair of mid-blue jeans
A classic loose white shirt.

3. A White Shirt

This is also a piece that is among my favourites for as long as I can remember. When I got a sense of style in my teen years, the shirts in style were loose, men’s shirts. Not having the money to buy one, I started wearing those of my father. One day I stumbled upon him on my way out of the house. We had an argument about something and at one point I angrily asked him “What do you want from me?” The swift answer came: “First of all, the take off my shirt!”

4. A Little Black Dress

Also one of the first favourites of mine that I can think of. The joy of wearing the LBD has always been so great, that I needed only think of it, and immediately got the drive to do my work out or swimming training. Yes, looking good in a body-hugging little black dress does put some demands on your diet and sport routine. But I am one of those people for whom the reward is worth every bit the effort.

The Little Black Dress

5. An Off-the Shoulder Top

Preferably in red. I cannot say if I love this piece because I look good in it e.g. I like my shoulders, or because I like its cut. I doubt that I would love it, if I didn’t have neckline to show off. Whatever the reason, it was my top of choice when I was single and enjoyed late nights in clubs or private parties. I still like to wear it and firmly believe, it can be worn by women of all ages. The secret: you need a good posture. Hey, girl, straighten your back and lift your head!

The bottom line:
When I look at my particular collection of 5 items that describe me, what surprised me was the fact that I could actually assemble several outfits out if them.

The other interesting fact was that those items spoke of a woman who is not afraid to attract attention and be in the spotlight. The black dress and the biker jacket make somewhat an outfit for the “vamp woman”. The black dress with a loose man’s shirt is both feminine and yet, has a note of strength and independence. All typical me. Now grab your UByDesign app and create an outfit where you add the 5 items that define you and take a few minutes to decode what they speak of you.