The Secrets of Women that Dress Effortless

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You know who we are talking about: the gorgeous ladies that always looks so well and poised, and put together. What’s more, they look like they’ve just pulled their clothes from the closet this morning and walked out of the door. This in full glamour, compared to us, mere mortals, who spent at least half an hour styling outfits and look like we wear our sister’s jeans and mom’s coat, plus, our hairdresser seems to be on a vacation. A long one.

In this article the UbyDesign stylist is going to share some insight on what she thinks makes a certain class of women classy and places them out of the crowd stylewise.

So, the Stylist, Effortlessly-Dressed Women Have:

1. Strong sense of style, which leads to a coherent wardrobe.

If you look at her outfits you will notice that this woman has a consistent sense of style and seldom, actually never, strays from that. Even sticking to bland basics or a boring capsule is a statement in itself – few of us can do it. Think of this fact from its other perspective: those women actually miss or even sacrifice the opportunity to wear plenty of beautiful pieces just because they don’t fall into their personal style. Whether they accept it as a price it has to be paid or if it comes naturally to them is something only they know – in any case, they’ve committed themselves to a uniform style and strictly stick to it. In addition, they often stick to a colour palette as well.

Clothes in the same colour tones.

2. Everything fits, no conditions.

We all have those pieces that are lovely but they don’t hang well on us. Sometimes too short, or too wide but we don’t want to toss them away. We have special tricks how to wear them but it all comes with strings. The result is that you can’t put EVERY piece you own without thinking. Some of them need to be worn only tucked, others are too tight and need something on top, some need always be worn with a belt, require a necklace to freshen it up etc. The women who dress effortless don’t own such items. If they did, they let them go. Everything they have fits well and requires no special arrangements in order to be wor

A stylish woman in striped pants and beautiful button-down.

3. They like what they own, so no special fuss in preferring one over the other.

One of the secrets of dressing without much fuss is being equally in love with what you own. There are no special items that you particularly love or hate. Ideally, you love everything you own and you are not forced to cross the line in order to “get the wear out of something”. The result of continuous fine-tuning and careful purchases, the closet of the effortlessly-dressed women in fulled almost entirely with pieces they like and are happy to wear.

4. They own enough pieces from each category, for every weather, every occasion – so no gaps.

Women who dress effortlessly have well-chosen but necessarily minimalist or meticulously curated wardrobes. They own enough pieces to be free to wear every outfit they imagine and do not have to fall to strange combinations in order to make an outfit with a given item. Without going over the board, those ladies have bought a reasonable amount of clothes to fill all gaps in their closet so they have the freedom to style anything.

5. They do not add new pieces often, which gives them time and space to get to know what they own, how it looks on them, how to style it and what is missing in their wardrobe.

One of the hidden enemies of good style is change. The fast change in the pieces you own leaves no time for you to get to know them. They pile up so fast that you hardly have time to remember them, to learn how they look on you and to experiment with their styling. This is so sad because the women who dress effortlessly know well what they own and they know how it looks best on them. This precious information has been gathered after continuous wear and experimentation and they carefully keep it and use it. You cannot have a style with clothes that change at the speed of light. Style needs patience and consistence.

We’ve just presented you the essence of what we think constitutes the effortless style. Now is your turn to put this advice into practice. Use your digital wardrobe to track your pieces, to experiment and search for your true stylish self. Enjoy the journey rather than putting focus on the final destination.