Fall/Winter 2023 Trends

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What are the practical trends presented this fall on the catwalks? Below we present you a brief summer of the most wearable trends for this autumn/winter season.

Quiet Luxury

The quiet luxury trend is still going big

The quiet luxury still reigns. The essence of this trend are high-quality materials in muted colours. The emphasis is on comfort and quality. No brand logos, eye-catching ornaments or embellishments are to be seen. The cut is relaxed, allows natural movement. The accessories are minimal, again the stress is on their high-quantity and craftsmanship, rather than size.

The Colour Red

Red is everywhere these season and there are some truly wonderful ways to wear it. If you are not a fan of the bright colours, you can choose a more muted nuance. Red goes well not only with black but with many denim shades, beige and gray. It matches all skin tones, so even if you are not a fan of red, raid your favourite thrift shop and try something. Odds are you’ll like it.

You can filter items by colour in the UByDesign digital wardrobe app.

Pleated Style

The little black dress with a twist of pleat.

Pleats are back mostly as ornaments on dresses and tops. If you don’t want to invest in a nbrand new piece to honour the trend, you can use an oversized item and create a pleat fixing it with brooches, ribbons and why not even sewing it.

Long Coats

Dusters is probably the most accurate word in English for the next trend. Long, ground-sweeping coats are back. This time the style is more on clean lines and the A-silhouette. If you don’t feel like investing in such piece, you can try to find second hand. Chances are there will be some suitable coats waiting to find their new owner. The cuts might vary, but the silhouette is mostly rectangle and long.

Long coats are in style this season


An outfit with a plaid shirt, jeans and a leather biker jacket

Plaids are back – on skirts, shirts, tops. That’s a very easy to style trend and we welcome it with open arms. You can style a plaid with any of the colours from it or make a statement by combining it with something completely different but in a matching colour: blue jeans with all sorts of multi-colour plaid shirts come to my mind.

Blanket Scarves

A blanket scarf is the term for a big scarf, which also carries some of the design ornaments of your favourite blanket: stripes, plaids, knits. The blanket scarf is huge, soft and warm. Such scarves were much worn years ago and if you happen to keep your big one from those years, it’s definitely time to dust it out and start wearing it again.

Blanket scarves are very much trendy in 2023