How To Style: The Camel Blazer

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Welcome to our new blog category: “How To Style”. Here we are going to present you with traditional as well as more creative ideas how to style popular clothing pieces. We start the category with the camel blazer. The camel colour is a brown colour, which is a mixture of pure brown and orange. It is a warm colour and is neither light, nor dark: perfectly in the middle.

First, let’s look at the very standard ways to style the camel blazer: with white and black.

An outfit with a camel blazer and white

The Camel Blazer With White

White is ideal match for camel, it passes perfectly. You can go with a full-white outfit or add black/navy as top or bottom – both work well. When you go for a monochrome top + bottom, don’t forget the shoes: they have to be the same colour or include the same colour: otherwise they will look like a patch. You can add a belt to “break” the outfit if you want: it is recommended for slender, taller body types, which tend to look “like a pencil” when wearing the same tone head to toe.

II. Camel Blazer With Black

In this case you can go for the clean black colour or choose faded black. Both work well. Clean, deep black would give you a more formal look and is perfect for a business meeting or official corporate events. Faded or not so strong black, is the way to achieve a more relaxed look. Be careful with gray: dark gray is OK, light gray: not so much. Light gray goes with the darker, “clear” shade of brown rather than camel.

The camel blazer with black jeans
Combining the camel blazer with cream trousers

III. Camel Blazer With Cream

Cream is a wonderful alternative to pure, snow white. Camel and cream go well together and you can make outfit combination where the bottom or top part is cream and the other one: pure white. If you are not afraid of more colours, you can go with yellow and especially orange.

IV. Camel Blazer with Earth Tones

The shades of green and beige go perfect with camel: that’s what nature is about. The various shades found in military clothing are a great match for the camel blazer: yellow-beige tops, dark or light green trousers or anything else in these colour shades.

The camel blazer with tops and bottoms in earth tones
The camel blazer with light blue jeans

V. Camel Blazer With Blue

Camel with dark or light blue goes very well and is a safe combination exactly the way black or white is. Camel goes equally well with your sky blue shirt or dark blue denim: it is the colour for that. Add a belt or shoes in brown and you will get an eye-catching combination.

VI. Jewellery for the Camel Blazer

The camel blazer screams for yellow gold. Silver or white gold jewellry stays harsh on it and rose gold is a bit side-ways regarding tone. So, polish your gold hoops, gold rings or chain necklaces: all of them would add a lovely sparkle to your outfit. A gold watch or a watch that includes gold would be a nice finish.

VII. Belt, Bags and Shoes

Leather in brown shades is ideal to wear with a camel blazer. It does not provide a striking contrast and adds warm, welcome point of interest to the eye of the onlooker. If you are a traditionalist, however, you can use black shoes or white trainers. Going for a black belt provides a lot of contrast, so use it wisely: preferably only for outfits whether the top or bottom is black, or both. Avoid white belts: they are a capricious accessories and should be styled carefully.

So far we have presented you with professional tips on how to style your camel blazer. Don’t stick only to old, tried and proven combinations: the UByDesign outfit design app provides you with an easy way to test new outfits and discover unusual ways to wear your camel blazer and get most of it in terms of money and fun. Enjoy it!.