How To Style The Cargo Skirt

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We all know about cargo pants. They are on trend right now but do not really go out of fashion. We’ve heard less about the more feminine variation of cargo pants – the cargo skirt. Short or long, it is a valuable piece in the wardrobe of very lady that enjoys casual chic, works in an office with relaxed dress code or just loves the idea of wearing one. In this article we will look on the ways to pair a cargo skirt – from the very top layer clothes to the shoes that go with them.

Tops for a Cargo Skirt

A cargo skirt worn with trainers and a duvet vest

Depending on the season, you can pair a cargo skirt with a t-shirt or tank top in summer and with a turtleneck in winter. Opt for a good, fitted top because the cargo skirt already has volume and putting an oversized top over it would be too much. Of course, if the cargo skirt happens to be fitted, you can go for a more relaxed fit on the top. Just avoid having both top and bottom part fitted or loose.

If you like to wear shorter tops you can go for one, if the weather allows it. Halter-neck tops, vests and other more formal tops better be avoided.

Colors: a single color top is better in most cases when paired with a cargo skirt. The details on the skirt are usually enough and you don’t need to add extra detailing by wearing a multi-colored, pattern top. An exception could be done for striped tops, which, when in matching to the skirt colors, can add even more fun to the playful vibe of the cargo skirt.

Top Layer Tops

The cargo skirt goes perfectly with denim jackets and all other casual top layer items with pockets: vests, textile jackets etc. You can wear it with a checkered shirt or even a traditional shirt as long as it has pockets, which give it a more relaxed look. Trench coats go well with it as well, given that their design with buttons and pockets matches well those of a cargo skirt.

A cargo skirt styled with a denim jacket and a t-shirt in military green

Shoes for a Cargo Skirt

A cargo skirt outfit with checkered shirt and ankle-high sneakers

Any shoes can go with a cargo skirt, literally. Even pumps, though you’d have to be careful with those. You can be sure that a cargo skirt would always be a perfect match for sneakers. Both leather and textile ones will do and putting on ankle0high sneakers to a short cargo skirt makes the look really cool.

Trainers are a good option, the socks can be visible or you can go for the low cotton socks and let the shoes shine.

A perfect option for the cargo skirt in summer are flip flops. Slip-ins are perfect too and look very elegant – don’t fear the version with block heels or wedges. For a more elegant look you can put on sandals, especially if they are with heels and thin straps. Paired with a crisp top in a basic color it will make you look very polished and put together.

For the winter, you can pair a cargo skirt with ankle boots or knee-high boots. Both work fantastic and will make an outfit stand out. For more effect and color, you can wear the boots with wool colors that pop out of them – there are variations in both ankle and knee length.

Further Tips

As always, it helps to look for inspiration on how to wear your cargo skirt: on Pinterest, your favourite online shop or in your preferred search engine. Once you see what truly appears to you, you can recreate it digitally using your digital wardrobe with the UByDesign app and save it for further reference. You can export it to your cloud storage and keep it on your computer for further reference. Why not share it online with friends, so they all can admire your creative skills and sense of style?