Shop Your Closet: Spring Trends 2023

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In this blog post I will look at the trends for spring 2023 and present the pieces that I already own that might look on trend. Instead of buying new clothes to look modern this season, I’d rather shop my closet and discover the items that I’ve bought and are more or less currently on trend. I will post an item that can be purchased and a similar one that I already have.

Skinny Trousers

Trends 2023: Skinny trousers

The skinny trousers are making a comeback. I’ve kept quite a few of those, which I bought a few years ago. To the left you can see my Napapijri cargo pants and to the right are Ralph Lauren Cropped Slim Fit Twill Chino Trousers.

Skinny pants in green

Colourful Cargo Pants

White cargo pants with bow belt

My passion for cargo trousers has its fashion moment now. I have a rich collection of them, acquired through the years and now I gladly shop it for “trendy” pieces. To the left – a pair of cargo pants that are probably more than 8 years old, which are the perfect mirror of the Ralph Lauren pants you can buy to the right.

Green cargo pants with bow belt

Polka Dots, Sheer Fabrics

Sheer polka-dots top

I confess I specially bought the top to the left in order to keep up with trends. And because I liked it, of course. And because it was thrifted. I haven’t worn it yet and I can’t wait to put it on with crisp white trousers and gold jewellery.

Polka dots top with off-the-shoulder cut

Sunshine Yellow

Yellow sweatshirt

The yellow hoodie that I present here is so much loved that to say I’ve had my wear of it wouldn’t be enough. I’ve worn it more than twice I’ve worn any other item and I salute the chance to wear it more and more. To the right: a yellow hoodie from Ralph Lauren’s current collection.

A hoodie in sunshine yellow

Embellished Jeans

Embellished cargo pants in brown

It’s been quite long since I last had a pair of embellished jeans. My love for cargo pants and ethno clothing comes to the rescue here. I had a pair of embroidered pants, from which I only had to brush out the dust and they could be a decent match to the pair of new jeans offered online to the right.

Embellished green jeans

Asymmetrical Hemlines

Coatigan with asymmetrical hemline

Asymmetrical lines in clothing have never appealed to me particularly. Probably the one-shoulder tops are an exception. However, to pay respect to the current trend I have a coatigan made from fine wool blend, which is also ideal for the chilly spring that we’re enjoying right now here in Sofia. To the right – a skirt by the brand Akris, available from Nordstrom.

Skirt with asymmetric hemline

Sporty Chic

A sporty chic outfit with sweatshirt and business trousers

Sporty chic is the last trend we want to mention this season. It means basically combining sporty with more structured and business-like items: a blazer with hoodie, a sweatshirt with office trousers or jogging pants with a shirt. To the left an outfit from my wardrobe items and to the right something similar from Ralph Lauren 2023.

Sporty chic outfit in white


Loafers in gold and silver

It’s been quite long since I’ve ever worn or bought clothing in metallic colours. Luckily, I have a pair of classic GEOX loafers, who happen to be in gold and pass perfectly to the current trend. I add to that a pair of silver ECCO Mary Jane’s, which are in silver.

Unisa loafers from the SPring collection of 2023