Trends for Autumn 2022 – Part I

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Keeping an eye on the trends in fashion for a given season does not mean new purchases to keep up. In many cases we can artfully assemble outfits in harmony with the reigning trend without new buys. It’s a matter of creativity and desire. We can pull out items that were stuck in the storage box or find new ways to wear our clothes so they match the trend. Look at trends as a subject to interpretation rather than a template to fit.

So, what’s trending in autumn 2022? Many fashion experts would give their opinions and they would not always match. Watching 10+ videos on the subject and reading the latest issues of Elle and Vogue, th team of UByDesign came with the following list, which we hope you’ll find helpful:

Bomber jackets are hit in Fall 2022

1. Bomber Jackets

Bombers are fantastic choice since they keep you warm and are comfortable. They’ve been worn for many years, so chances are you will find a suitable one in a thrift shop. If you are average height or more, you can go for a man’s model. If you don’t want any new items, you can overhaul a regular puffer jacket, if you have one – especially if it’s not tight. If it has strings at the bottom, you just don’t need a bomber at all 🙂

Dopamine dressing means bright, energetic colors

2. Dopamine Dressing

Read: bright colors. Chances are you have a few of those. Just brush them out and prepare them for frequent wear. Pink, yellow, green, light purple, orange: all these will do fine.

Black is trendy (again)

3. Leather

This is the thing that we all have in our wardrobes. The good news is that no particular kind of leather clothing is needed: you can go with a jacket, blazer, coat, trousers… anything. If you’ve been a proud owner of a leather item for years, there are some gorgeous leather dyes, which you can use in-house with great results.

4. Black

That’s an easy one. We all have black, so we leave it without a comment.

Sporty items with logos and slogans are here

5. Sporty Items with Logos

Get your running sweatshirt ready: it is back in fashion, especially if it has logos, text and the other attributes of an item designed with thought for real sport. It can be combined not only with wide-leg jeans, but also one-color pants, and probably with a casual skirt.

Using tags and availability for ites in UByDesign

Use Tags and the “Available” Option in UByDesign

Using the UByDesign app to dress trendy in a smart way: You can use the “Available” check box to mark as not available all items that you’d like to move out of your wardrobe and possibly store. This way you won’t have to dig into storage boxes just to check if you have something useful or not.

Filter By Tag and Availability

When you browse the items that answer the current fashion trend, use the tags feature to mark them. Later, you can filter by tag and get an instant overview of the fashionable items that you possess. If you go to the Outfits page to create new outfits, you can add a trendy item to an empty outfit. Clear the filter and complete the new outfits with “regular items”: you will have outfit ideas with your own clothes that are both caring to the environment and trendy. Congratulations!