Trends for Autumn 2022 – Part II

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We continue our overview of what’s trendy for fall and winter 2022/2023. Some of the items have probably been present in your wardrobe for a long time and now is the right time to pull them out.

Eye-catching Shoes

The shoes this season are anything but boring. Chunky soles, metal ornaments, caps – you name it all. The shoe grabs the attention and is a point of interest in your outfit by itself. Loafers are rounded, stilettos and the likes in contrast, are with sharp tops.

Wide-leg Trousers and Jeans, Flares

The skinny jeans that reined so long seem to be loosing ground at last. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should throw them away, if you like them. The new trend however are the relaxed-cut trousers and jeans: wide leg,extra-wide leg, worn with pointed stilettos, chunky sneakers and loafers or ankle boots. Flares are a hit as well and this is a cut that ultimately suits everyone.


Tweed is back with full steam, not that it could ever go completely out of style. This new, old trend, makes me feel bitterly sorry for all the lovely tweet jackets and blazers I tossed out not so long ago. Tweet has always been a great pattern for wool and the season to wear wool has come again, like it or not.


This one I completely side with. I love velvet jeans / corduroy pants so much that I’ve actually kept all the pairs I’ve accumulated through the years in the name of comfort and sophisticated touch they bring. Now is the time to proudly go out with them and remove the shameful label “home-wear” from them.

Textured Sweaters

It’s amazing that even a knitwear can come with a modern twist. And this season’s trend for your sweaters dictates that they are rich in texture: ribbed or even more complicated patterns. Worn over single-color trousers they can be a real attention-catcher.

Using UByDesign to better organize your trendy autumn wardrobe

You can mark the date of wear for an outfit as well as its season. The wear dates not only keep track of the rate you wear out your clothes. It helps you filter outfits. Once you combine clothes that you consider trendy, you can get back to those outfits filtering by the months you wore them.