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  • Photos from camera or gallery
  • Multiple images per item
  • Auto cut and manual cut of images
  • Rotation and replacement of item photos
  • One Category, multiple seasons, multiple styles
  • Metal type for jewellery
  • Up to 5 colors
  • Brand and tag fields
  • Price and Price per wear
  • Calendar to mark dates of wear


  • Unlimited number of items
  • Drag and drop of currently active items
  • Resize and reorder of outfit items
  • Deleting of items
  • Auto calculation of outfit price
  • Multiple seasons and styles
  • Calendar to mark dates of wear
  • Tags for additional remarks
  • Outfit sharing on Instagram and Facebook

Customization Options

  • You can edit Styles, creating new ones and deleting any predefined styles
  • You can add as many sub-categories to the existing categories as you wish
  • You can hide categories that you don’t use
  • You can filter and sort items based on any item data: season, brand, style, category etc.
  • You can change the order in which sorting criteria are applied: first date added, then price etc.
  • You can sort and filter outfits based on season, style, price etc.