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Privacy Policy


The app is provided by MindFusion LLC and its intended use is as a digital wardrobe for tracking and organizing the user clothes. The app includes a virtual stylist algorithm, which combines the items from the digital closet into outfits. The app is provided as is.

This document informs the users of the UByDesign mobile app about the policies, rules and practices for collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information from the users.

If you choose to use the UByDesign mobile app, then you agree to the terms of use stated in this policy.

The terms used in this Privacy Policy are the same as the Privacy Policy terms and conditions, which are accessible from the app itself, including the websites and services where it can be downloaded and installed.


App installation and usage

The UByDesign app does not require any registration or disclosure of any personal information from the user. The app supports no user accounts and no information is requested from the user in order to grant them the right to install, start and use the app.

User-generated app content

The items, outfits and any other data, submitted to the app, remain known only to the user. MindFusion does not have any access to the user’s photos, item information, outfits, style and clothing preferences or any other content that the user specifies or creates through the app while using it.

Outfit sharing through third party apps

The sharing of outfit images generated by the app through its interface is handled by the respective 3rd party apps: email clients, Facebook, Instagram etc. UByDesign does not communicate in any way with those apps and in no way has access to the user credentials or any other information that the app user shares with those third party apps.

Backup and restore of app data

Wardrobe backup and restore is done locally on the user device and on the cloud account of the user: iCloud or Google Drive. The backup data remains strictly on user-controlled storage space. No part of this data ever comes to MindFusion and MindFusion has no information about the time, size, frequency, item count, or any data related to the backup/restore process. The UByDesign app only provides the technical means that this process is done through the app and in no way accesses the data that is being transferred.

Crash and error reports

UByDesign submits crash-related data to MindFusion every time an error, which prevents the app from functioning normally, happens. The data sent involves the program data related to the error: processes that were involved and programming info: error code, file and line number where the exception happened as well as the stack trace of the exception. No user data is sent to MindFusion, including but not limited to: data related to the user phone, location, data for the item etc.


UByDesign may contain links to other websites. These websites are not under MindFusion

control and are not subject to MindFusion privacy policy. These websites will likely have their own privacy policies. MindFusion has no responsibility for these and the user acknowledges that their use of and access of these websites is solely at the user’s risk. It is the user responsibility to check the privacy policies of these websites to see how they treat the personal information of their users.


MindFusion reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time. If MindFusion decides to change this privacy policy, the changes will be poses in the UByDesign Mobile App and on this website  so the users are always aware of what information we collect, use, and disclose. In all cases your continued use of UByDesign Mobile App, after any change to this privacy policy, will constitute your acceptance of such change.


If you have any questions about UByDesign  privacy policy, please contact MindFusion using the contact information found at the bottom of every page on or per email .

August 11, 2022